Tuesday, 18 June 2013

MLS Miami : Branding Proposals

Having been born in Miami, it was hard to watch the Fusion leave. For years since, I have had to create arbitrary reasons to pull for other clubs. But now, with the growing resurgence in popularity and the potential of an MLS side returning to Miami, I am filled with creativity and passion. As some one from Miami, I think it would be both fitting and an honor to have one of my logos used to represent the city in the MLS and the greater world of football. Thank you David Beckham for bringing soccer back to Miami. Hopefully the Miami expansion process won't take too long. Below are a various collection of Miami team names.

Below are several of my unsolicited branding proposal for a MLS expansion team in Miami. Additional logos and company names are use solely for representational purposes and are in now way meant to endorse, promote, and or discourage present of non present companies, leagues or sponsors. All of the following crests were made entirely by myself. The purpose of these copies are solely for display use only, and were created in hopes of increasing the profile of a potential MLS franchise in Miami and potential future use by a MLS Miami expansion team. This is not a release of ownership, and therefor all rights remain reserved to the creator, ie myself, Steven Kramer. Redistribution, alteration, tampering or any other use without the consent of myself is prohibited. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy. Hopefully Mr. Beckham and the gang will side on one of these logos. This Miamian can only hope.

(Various Miami MLS logo ideas)

© 2015 Steven Kramer


The number 1566 is the year Pedro Mendez de Avilez claimed the area, now known as Miami, for Spain. The primary kits are white to resemble to clean white architecture that dominates Miami. That and there are no currently MLS teams that are primarily just black and white. A shame, as it is a very clean and timeless palette. Atop the crest is a crown, yet again saluting the area's early Spanish colonization. In the center is a highly "old looking" styled football. This is to invoke age to the crest. I feel the "old looking" ball is much more classy than the hexagonal ball one often sees.

images used in art above click here

©2015 Steven Kramer


Once again I chose to use a Spanish title, celebrating the city's growing bilingual character. The primary kit incorporates the blue band that is seen in the crest. The secondary kit get's is colour from the Miami-Dade flag. The blue band and the M in the center line up to create a band motif.

image in art work above click here

For inspiration I looked no further than one of my favorite clubs C.A. River Plate, and one of my brother's favorite sides, Inter (Just for inspiration, nothing more Mr. Beckham. I know you are an AC man, so my apologies.) . I have always been a fan of innerlocking lettering when it comes to sports logos, especially in soccer. I had to find a way to make one for Miami. Thus Club Deportivo Miami was born, or as I like to nickname it "La Banda Azul"

©2014 Steven Kramer


© 2015 Steven Kramer


Taking inspiration from the original Miami Fusion logo colour and crest sharp.

image use in art above click here.
©2015 Steven Kramer


My personal favorite Miami logo. The Freedom Tower was built in 1925 and has since then served many functions from newspaper headquarters to refugee processing center. The tower has see the best and worst of times in the cities history. It has seen men and woman return from every armed conflicts since WWII, it has been there during the civil rights movement and has weather countless stormy seasons. While the city has seen its economy fluctuate, demographics diversify, and the skyline grow, the Freedom Tower still stands; an attribute any soccer team should strive for, "Despite all we stand". Black was chosen to represent Miami's unique, passionate, and notorious nightlife scene. Pink was chose because, for one, it's not being using in the MLS and to me personally it screams Miami. Unlike other parts of the country Pink is also a naturally occurring colour and can be seen in various types of native animal and plant life.

© 2015 Steven Kramer

Here is what a David Beckham Miami team could look like.

© 2015 Steven Kramer


Due to the outcry for teal and aqua designs, I decided to cave in and try to come up with something. After working on it for a while I have come to like the teal logo. I even incorporated the official 2014 MLS typeface. Here is TWO versions, just in case your version of teal varies. One more green and the other more blue.

teal "green"

teal "blue"

Primary Jerseys - The primary kits take their design cues from of course Miami's beautiful water.

Secondary Jerseys - Take inspiration from the city of Miami itself and the white stucco architecture that dominates the skyline, as well as the city's clean appearance.

Alternative Jerseys - The alternative kits are a nod to the Miami nightlife. The embossed sash would cause the jersey's sheen to alter at various angles and light. Much like the sea at night reflects the city lights, when looked at at the right angle.

© 2015 Steven Kramer

MLS Miami Bid


  1. Hello, I am a fan of US football and I work on an update Footmanager on 2014. I would like to create the franchise of Miami " Made in Beckham ".

    Your work interests me. Can I use your work? (Logo, shirt)

    What team seems to you best?

    Personally, I like " Club of Futbol Miami ".

    I wait for your opinion.

    See you soon.


  2. excellent work! you are quite gifted. i agree with your favorite choice - would be fantastic if that was chosen.

  3. These designs are amazing. I love the pink freedom tower logo. Its fits so well with our city. Im sure you've seen the Miami Vice concept work that came out recently. That may not be the name but the aqua and pink is very likely for the color scheme. Id love to see one of your designs in those colors.

  4. Any of these ideas are better than the "Miami Vice" (really?) concept presented in this MLS article from yesterday:


    I left a link to your page in the comments. Hopefully you can get your ideas to Beckham and/or the people who can get them to him. I'd like to see your design ideas incorporated into the new club's kit.

    Good luck!

  5. I like all the designs except the Hot Pink ones, Nooooooo,, leave that to a woman's team,, no offense,,, otherwise, Great designs and names:)

  6. The Club Deportivo Miami designs are the best by far! Great job:)

    Improvements/What I'd change:

    The club name: 'Miami FC' or 'FC Miami' or 'Miami SC' (I'd let the people of Miami vote for the final name)
    The badge: 'FC' or 'SC' instead of 'CD'
    The away kit colours

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  12. miami should go pink if they enter the league. and i would choose the deportivo fc logo sunset/sunrise demeanour

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